Acres of Diamonds

There's always opportunity if you know where to look

We here at LandCentral have heard on several occasions a story called ‘Acres of Diamonds,’ this story has been repeated many times over the years. It is a true story about an African farmer who had heard tales of others making millions by discovering diamond mines. These stories were so full of wealth and prosperity that he couldn’t wait to sell his farm and go prospecting for diamonds himself. So he sold his farm, and spent the rest of his life searching, unsuccessfully, for the undiscovered diamond mine that would make him wealthy until he passed away. Not soon thereafter, back on the farm, the man who bought the farm was crossing a small stream on the property and spotted a splash of light coming from the creek bed and he waded through the water to investigate. Bending down, he picked up a strange, crystal-like stone. It was a very large stone, unlike anything he had ever seen. Not knowing what it was, he placed it on his fireplace mantle as a relic. Weeks later, a visitor picked up the stone and looked at it very carefully. He asked the farmer if he knew what he had found. The farmer replied ‘no’ but he thought it was a strange piece of crystal. The visitor replied that he had found one of the largest diamonds he had ever seen. The farmer didn’t believe him at first, stating that his creek bed was sprinkled generously with such stones. Well, you probably could have already guessed that this mine became the most productive diamond mine on the entire African continent. The first farmer had owned, free and clear, literally acres of diamonds, and he sold them for practically nothing. If he had only taken the time to educate himself, to know what he was looking for, and to look in his own backyard… So ask yourself. Right now, are you standing in the midst of your own acres of diamonds. Are you staring in the face of a great opportunity to own land, but not taking advantage of it?


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20 Acre Refuge in the Fresh Air of Oregon's Outback

  • Property # 8064
  • Size 20.00 Acres
  • County Lake
  • State Oregon
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This large 20 acre parcel is located at 4317 feet elevation, off of a dirt road. You might need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get out here, but once you've arrived you'll experience the raw beauty of Oregon's Outback. There are irrigated fields to t...

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Original Price $4,197

Off-the-Grid 1+ Acre Hideout 30 Minutes from Holbrook

  • Property # 4372
  • Size 1.25 Acres
  • County Navajo
  • State Arizona
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This parcel is located north of Interstate 40 in the Arizona Rancheros Subdivision. The county seat of Holbrook is about half an hour away. This property does not have easy access, the legal access road running along the south side has faded to ...

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