Arizona Road Trip

I just returned from a fun road trip, looking at several of our properties in the sunny, blue sky State of Arizona. It was a great trip, looking at some beautiful properties, and a few surprises sprinkled in for good measure. Heading out on the road on a bright, beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, the first thing you realize when headed East is you better bring your sunglasses when you land in Phoenix, especially if you’re headed East in the morning, like I was. That bright orange ball in the sky is piercing! The major highway running East/West through Phoenix is Interstate 10. It’s easy driving. Pretty straight, not many turns or curves, and it’s wide, probably 5 lanes (each way) in some places. Phoenix is a huge city, but there’s not much traffic first thing on a Sunday morning. I was going about 106 miles to Eloy, Arizona, or “Toltec” if you’re a local. Over the last 10+ years, we have bought and sold dozens of properties in this area. Because of this, I have been here several times, and I was really curious to see how the area had grown, changed, and developed since my last visit. I knew one of the major growth events had been the addition of a Wal-Mart distribution center, and I was curious to see it. It’s in Casa Grande, just a few miles Northwest of Toltec, and not far out of the way, so I drove by just to see what everyone has been talking about. Wow, it is huge! Words don’t even do it justice. The place is absolutely enormous! What impressed me the most was the thought that a company like Wal-Mart sees so much growth and potential in this area that they chose to build a multi-million dollar center here. Back on Interstate 10 again, as I arrived at the appropriate exit, it was immediately apparent to me that things have definitely changed since my last visit, and Toltec is in the path of progress. Carl’s Jr anyone? Or how about Green Burrito (that was my choice). I don’t remember this here before. And a Circle K, too, just a couple of minutes away. But maybe the coolest part was the beautiful new school, along with some major road improvements and power near several of the properties! I was impressed. The many nearby homes were also a welcome surprise. I remember there being homes in the area from previous visits, sure, but not this many. And I had forgotten just how awesome the mountain views are from this part of the State. Right now, you can make one of these property yours, and we’re offering them at really affordable prices and attractive, low down payments. Take a look, and let us know if you agree…


Original Price $7,497

Large Haven an Hour from Phoenix and Tucson

  • Property # 7637
  • Size 0.34 Acres
  • County Pinal
  • State Arizona
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This parcel is found on Roadrunner Drive, only 10 minutes from the town of Arizona City. Interstate 10 is less than 2 miles to the East, with the towns of Toltec and Eloy just on the other side. There are both houses and irrigated farmland just ...

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