Find land in Alaska, the largest state in the union

With Alaska being the largest state in the United States (over two times the size of Texas), one will find plenty of land for sale in Alaska to fit your wishes whether you’re looking for that special getaway or need a change of pace in your everyday life.  With a majority of the state being remote wilderness, land for sale in Alaska is plentiful especially if you check LandCentral first.  Maybe you will even find some waterfront property as Alaska has more coastline than all other U.S. states combined.

Due to its vast amount of remote wilderness, Alaska provides some of the best opportunities for nature photography.  The Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, can be seen an average of 243 days a year in the city of Fairbanks which provide for stunning light shows and picturesque backdrops.  With abundant wildlife throughout the state, getting that perfect shot of a local bear, elk or bald eagle is commonplace.   Finding the right piece of land for sale in Alaska could put you in the heart of all this beauty.

If outdoor activities are your passion, there probably isn’t another state that offers as much as Alaska.  From dog sledding to Salmon fishing, and bountiful activities in between, there is an activity for all walks of life.  In fact, the state sport for Alaska is dog mushing which was once the primary mode of transportation in most of the state.  Alaska also host the 1,200 mile long Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race which is sometimes called the “Last Great Race on Earth.”  Another sport that the state of Alaska is well known for is hunting.


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Numerous outfits throughout Alaska offer guided hunting trips into the back wilderness where big game are plentiful.  Already know how and where to hunt this terrain?  That is the perfect reason to look for land for sale in Alaska as you setup the perfect hunting camp suitable for your very own hunting trips.

Fishing is yet another outdoor activity that attracts thousands of visitors each year and provides one of the primary food sources for the locals.   With the cold waters, thousands of miles of coastline, and countless rivers and lakes within, finding that perfect fishing spot is done with ease.  Salmon have been caught weighing almost 100lbs which is sure to provide even the most experienced angler with a good fight.

Alaska is not all trees and mountains.  There are a number of cities throughout the state.  Although Juneau is the capital of Alaska, Anchorage is the largest city.  And by large, we mean large as Anchorage is nearly the size Connecticut.  Alaska also contains the northern most city in the United States, Barrow which is 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  However venturing here can be frigid as 160 days per year has a recorded high temperature at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see Alaska provides plenty to do for the hearty soul or wilderness adventurer so why not check out what LandCentral has to offer with its land for sale in Alaska.

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Over 3/4 of an acre of pristine Alaska timberland
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This property is located on Dolly Varden Drive, south of Trolling Avenue in a rural area of the Caswell Lakes Subdivision. This is a wonderful area for hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. There are plenty of rivers and lakes all over …

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