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Let the state motto “Eureka … I have found it!” be your guide to seeking out great land for sale in California. California is the third largest state in the US and contains a huge variety of land and climates, from deserts to oceans to tall forests. Considering the large variety, it is no surprise that land for sale in California is just as diverse. At Landcentral.com we have large acreage for sale in the deserts of Eastern California as well as smaller lots for sale in the green northern forests and plains, and many other types of property in between these two extremes.

Although it is home to four of the top-20 most populous cities in America, most vacant land for sale in California will be in more rural areas. This is particularly true if you are looking for a bargain. Cheap property in California can be found in the desert of Kern and San Bernardino Counties, among the trees of the Modoc National Forest or in the foothills of the Shasta-Cascade Mountains, and tucked away in many other unexpected places.

It is easy to find land for sale in California that fits any desire. Are you looking to get away from it all and experience the stark beauty and warm air of the desert? If you haven’t spent time in the deserts of the southwest you might think of them as empty places, but actually they are full of interesting plants, such as the unique, twisting Joshua Trees, fascinating rock formations and wildlife. Not to mention the draw of desert cities like Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs which offer refreshing day spas and a sizzling nightlife.

This part of California is also one of the fastest-growing areas of the state. Los Angeles is here of course, but look beyond Los Angeles to land for sale around Riverside, San Bernardino and Ontario. This area, known as the Inland Empire, is growing but there is so much open space here that of all the land for sale in California, this is some of the cheapest.

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Is the desert not for you? Then journey north and you will find the farms, vineyards and striking landmarks of central California. This area contains thriving cities such as San Francisco, as well as striking natural wonders in the Yosemite, King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

You might not have been able to strike in rich in the original California gold rush, but the new gold rush is for lots for sale in California, particularly in this friendly area. Don’t miss out on the annual celebrations and historic museums in this part of California, but save time for outdoor fun such as fishing, rafting and kayaking.

Keep heading north and the rich farmland will give way to majestic forests. Northern California is a paradise of trees, majestic mountains and rocky coastlines. This part of California is home to Lake Tahoe and Mount Shasta, both containing world-famous ski resorts for winter fun and hiking, exploring and local festivals to enjoy during the summer. Don’t miss the Avenue of Giants, a 32-mile roadway lined with soaring coast redwoods. It is one of the best drives in the world, rivaled by the winding road along the rocky coast near Shelter Cove. Those who are looking for smaller lots for sale in California often turn to the north, which offers plenty of trees, four distinct seasons and year-round fun.

When you are considering land for sale in California, check out the many different sizes, terrains, climates and activities available from our California properties. We’re sure you’ll find something to make you yell: “Eureka … I have found it!”

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Rural Retreat on Almost an Acre of Land
  • Property # 8565
  • Size 0.92 Acres
  • County Modoc
  • State California
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Perfect land for those who want privacy in a beautiful natural setting. This land is located on Blueberry Drive in the California Pines Subdivision. The land is mostly open with few trees, and a very gentle slope down from the …

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