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Containing over 11,842 lakes, Minnesota’s state slogan, “land of 10,000 lakes,” might be a modest statement. With all of those bodies of water, it’s surprising that there is even any land for sale in Minnesota. Luckily, the state’s gently rolling hills and vast woodlands make Minnesota a great place to live and visit. The downside? Land for sale in Minnesota doesn’t stay on the market for long!

With 72 state parks and recreation areas, outdoor activities surrounding our lots for sale Minnesota are endless. The almost overwhelming amount of lakes in Minnesota offers a variety of water activities that range from swimming to canoeing to water skiing (which originated in Minnesota). Camping and hiking are also popular outdoor activities in Minnesota and LandCentral offers a great selection of cheap land in Minnesota.

It’s no surprise that fishing is a major hobby for those living in and visiting Minnesota. More than 36% of Minnesotans fish, which only comes second to those living in Alaska. Despite Minnesota’s frigid and severe winter conditions, Minnesotans still enjoy the unique qualities that its land has to offer. Popular outdoor activities in the winter include ice fishing, ice skating, ice hockey, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

While the wetlands of Minnesota offer a great habitat for whitetail deer, bobcats, black bears, and moose, other parts of Minnesota offer hospitable areas to grow businesses. Various parts of the state are headquarters to some of America’s leading powerhouses such as Target, Land O’Lakes, Best Buy, and U.S. Bancorp.

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Minnesota consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in the United States. Like many midwestern states, Minnesota as a whole, is a big fan of American sports. Minnesota is only one of twelve states that plays host to the sporting world’s Big Four. Minneapolis is the hub for Major League Baseball team the Minnesota Twins, as well as the Minneapolis Timberwolves for the National Basketball Association, and the St. Paul Wild who participates in the National Hockey League. Undoubtedly the most popular sports team in the state is the Minnesota Vikings, one of America’s leading teams in the National Football League.

Minnesota consists of a fair mix of rural and urban areas allowing for great getaways throughout the entire state. The great outdoors aren’t your thing? Enjoy lots for sale in Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis, or its state capital, St. Paul. And don’t forget about one of Minnesota’s largest attractions, the Mall of America, which you can afford to splurge a little at with all of the money you will save by investing in cheap land in Minnesota through LandCentral.

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Minnesota Wooded Escape Near Several Lakes
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This property is over 3 acres and located in a beautiful area of Central Minnesota called Enchanted Lakes. The land is located on Sapphire Lane, which is a dirt road, and there is a paved road and power lines about …

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