With land of your own, Mississippi feels like coming home

Take a look at the variety of land for sale in Mississippi. The name of the state derives from the Mississippi River, which flows along its western border. The state is heavily forested outside of the Mississippi Delta area, which was cleared for cotton cultivation in the 19th century. Today, Mississippi offers a balance between slow country living and the fast-paced excitement of its many river casinos.

Mississippi offers long summers and short, mild winters. Thanks to the temperate climate and a wealth of waterways and wilderness, Mississippi is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors. Though the climate is nearly perfect, you can still find surprisingly cheap land in Mississippi.

Fishermen, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country visit Mississippi every year to enjoy a large number of outdoor activities in this beautiful weather. The Mississippi river and its many tributaries provide wonderful opportunities for boating enthusiasts and fisherman, and gave birth to many “river cities” that still thrive today.

Near the top of the state, history buffs might want to consider land for sale in Mississippi. The city of Tunica has grown beyond its agricultural roots to become one of the top gaming meccas in the nation. The city is also home to the Mississippi River Museum. Farther south, Vicksburg offers visitors a staggering number of historical sites commemorating the Civil War.

Looking for lots for sale in Mississippi near the Gulf of Mexico? The Mississippi coastline includes large bays at Bay St. Louis, Biloxi and Pascagoula. It is separated from the Gulf of Mexico proper by the shallow Mississippi Sound, which is partially sheltered by Petit Bois Island, Horn Island, East and West Ship Islands, Deer Island, Round Island and Cat Island.

Mississippi casinos large and small welcome thousands of visitors every year. Offering quality gambling, of course, Mississippi’s casinos also feature live entertainment and a vibrant nightlife. Lovers of excitement would do well to consider lots for sale in Mississippi.

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Mississippi strikes an intriguing balance for today’s golfer—with first class golf courses that are both technically challenging and fun to play, yet also affordable and easily accessible. As avid golfers strive to find more value-laden trips, Mississippi golf continues to climb toward the top of the list for those searching for true fun on the links. There’s a great selection of cheap land in Mississippi around these golf courses. Each year Mississippi golf’s biggest attraction is the Sanderson Farms Classic, Mississippi’s premier professional golfing event.

Both the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi and the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson play host regularly to a wide variety of sports and music events. Situated on the Mississippi State Fairgrounds, the Mississippi Coliseum finds itself surrounded by the Mississippi State Fair each year, as well as the Dixie National Rodeo and a variety of other events.

Mississippi is a great state for music, and those looking to take a tour of some of the sites that contributed a great deal to the birth and development of County, Rock and Roll and Blues would do well to look into acreage for sale in Mississippi. One of the musical pioneers from Mississippi includes Jimmie Rodgers the “Father of Country Music” who was born in Meridian, Mississippi and lived there for most of his life. Artists like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters helped to expand the appeal of Blues music nationwide, and as it began to gain ground, it would seed the foundations of what would later become Rock & Roll. And, of course, there is Elvis Presley, who was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi.