Your future is wide open with land in Nevada

Visit Nevada, most famous as the home of Las Vegas. Sin City is an exciting place full of casinos and resorts, five-star restaurants and nightlife like no other. It is responsible for a large percentage of the population, economic growth and tourist attractions of Nevada. Millions of people visit every year, and most of the people who live there permanently were born in another state. Since most of the attention is focused on Las Vegas, it leaves a lot of room for vacant land, which means that acreage for sale in Nevada can actually be quite inexpensive.

If you are looking for vacant land for sale in Nevada, you will have several areas to choose from. Over 86% of land is owned by the federal government, leaving 14% for private ownership. There are many smaller lots available in the outskirts of Las Vegas, especially around Pahrump and Tonopah to the west. The northern part of Nevada offers more large acreage pieces.

As you leave the Las Vegas area, take a look at some of the attractions in other parts of Nevada:

Visit the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. This is a unique place dedicated to preserving and operating historic train yards and equipment. It has a spectacular train collection and an actual working railroad that you can interact with. This is considered one of the best-preserved short line railroads in America and is a National Historic Landmark.

As you journey north you will find Winnemucca, a city at the crossroads of several major freeways. It is the city where Highway 95 that leads north into Oregon and Idaho to Interstate 80 which crosses Nevada from East to West. This town is in the center of the routes from California to Utah and from Oregon to Arizona. And there is plenty of acreage for sale in this area.

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Located in the western part of the state, the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge is an oasis in the high desert. This is an incredible place found on the eastern side of the Ruby mountains and offers a habitat for native wildlife and thousands of migrating birds every year. A large number of lots for sale in Nevada are in a desert climate, so having a wetland to visit makes a nice change.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe is located on the border where Nevada and California meet. This is a wonderful destination for anyone who enjoys watersports of all kinds. There are a number of world-class resorts scattered around the North and South of the lake, as well as tons of opportunities for sailing, fishing, waterskiing or just enjoying the sunshine on the beach. Lots for sale in Nevada around the Lake Tahoe area are rare and in high demand.

The Reno area is a popular one for people looking for acreage for sale in Nevada. This is an area with a lot of space to grow and lots of natural attractions. The Washoe and Little Washoe Lakes are located in the heart of the valley between Carson City and Reno, and Pyramid Lake is a beautiful lake North of Reno. The city itself offers shopping, dining and entertainment. This area offers hiking, bird watching, camping and fishing, among other activities.

No matter where you visit, you will find land for sale in Nevada that fits any need. Visit once a year to enjoy the many tourist attractions, or stay all year round and become a part of this varied and interesting state.

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1+ Acre Refuge North of I-80
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Interstate 80 runs through the county, connecting the county seat of Elko with Reno to the west and Salt Lake City to the east. This property is less than 4 miles north of the Interstate, on Mesa Verde Drive. It …

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