The History of LandCentral

Back in 1997…

LandCentral sold its first property in the nickel ads of The Oregonian newspaper. Back in those days, people were still shackled to the pings and boings of their dial-up modems. With the growth of technology, LandCentral has become a leader in owner-financed, vacant land purchases.

From live auctions around the country, to farthest reaches of the World Wide Web, today’s LandCentral offers its customers the ability to locate and purchase land with ease, convenience and affordability. To date, LandCentral has closed more than 10,000 transactions.

1997 – Sold 1st property in the nickel ads of the Oregonian Newspaper in Portland, ORE.

2002 – puts LandCentral’s Land For Sale online.

2004 – hold 1st in-person land auction in Phoenix, ARIZ.

2005 – Held 19 Auctions in: Phoenix, ARIZ. • Seattle, WASH. • Los Angeles, CALIF. • Las Vegas, NEV. • El Paso, TEXAS • Albuquerque, N.M. • Denver, COLO. • San Francisco, CALIF. • Bellevue, WASH.

2009 – Launched Website.

2009 – Joined Facebook and Twitter

2009 – Launched allowing customers to make online payments.

2012 – Launched improved

2012 – Joined Google+

2013 – Launched Brand-New – The Best, Online, Land Search Tool.

2014 – Launched myLandCentral – Your new home for everything LandCentral.