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Paradise found! At a near full acre, this 39,204 sq. ft. parcel is a land owners dream. Mature trees cover the property with a dirt road leading in. Found in an up-and-coming area near Black Brook and Au Sable Forks. Residence in the county enjoy unparalleled outdoor recreation including hiking, skiing, festivals or simply relaxing by one of the many picturesque lakes. The property sits just 18 miles from the famed Lake Champlain where beauty and leisure collide. Explore this hidden paradise by the lake with this amazing deal!

  • Property Number 10366
  • Size 0.90 Acres
  • Dimensions 200.22' x 201.82' x 195.50' x 202.50'
  • County Essex
  • State New York
  • Investment
  • Timberland
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  • Purchase Price: $11,997.00
  • Interest Rate: 9.7%
  • Loan Term: 6 years 6 months
  • Total Monthly Payment: $261.05

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  • Down Payment: $149.00
  • Document Fee: $149.00
  • Transfer Tax: $298.00
  • Total Due Today: $596.00

Due Today

  • Purchase Price: $11,997.00
  • Your Pay in Full Discount: -$2,399.40
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  • Document Fee: $149.00
  • Transfer Tax: $298.00
  • Total Due Today: $10,044.60
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Land Specifics

  • Assessor Parcel Number (APN): 17.23 3 21.000
  • Road Access: Dirt Road
  • Slope Description: Rolling
  • Legal Description: THAT (THOSE) CERTAIN TRACT (TRACTS) OF LAND, situate, lying and being in the Town of Jay, County of Essex, and State of New York, more particularly described as follows. PREMISES: Tract Nos. 123, Section IROQUOIS KA-NAW-Dl as shown on map of AuSable Acres, Inc. dated the first day of May, 1972, filed in the Essex County Clerk's Office on the third day of May, 1972 and designated Iroquois Ka-Naw-tia together with interest of the party of the first part in such portions thereof lying within the streets and roads adjoining said Tract(s) as shown on said map, to the center line therof. Reserving to the party of the first part, its successors and assigns and others in common with the party (ies), of the second part, an easement in said streets and roads for all purposes. Also reserving to the party of the first part a right of way ten (10) feet in width along all boundaries of mid tract (tracts) with right of entry upon, over, under and across said right of way for the purposes of constructing and maintaining pole lines and wires for transmission of electricity and for telephone lines and for the laying and maintaining of pipe lines and conduits for water, sewage, gas, electric or telephone wires, and reserving to the party of the first part the sole right to convey the rights hereby reserved. The party of the first part reserves the right to dedicate all streets and roads crossing the tracts herein referred to and other lands of the party of the first part to the public authorities without consent of the party (ies) of the second part at any time together with the right to change, alter, extend, close and relocate any and all streets and roads shown on said map of the tracts herein referred to, provided such changes shall not interfere with ingress and/or egress to the property of the party (ies) of the second part or alter the size of his (their) Tract(s). BEING a part of the same premises described in a deed from John C. Eaton to AuSable Acres, Inc., dated January 12, 1963 and recorded in the Essex County Clerk's Office on April 1, 1963 in Book 408 of Deeds at page 326.
  • Dimensions: 200.22' x 201.82' x 195.50' x 202.50'
  • Zoning: Not Zoned / Unclasified
  • Zoning Code: Not Zoned
  • Zoning Definition: Essex County does not zone properties outside of city limits.

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