“A better experience purchasing land!”

My brother and I have been buying property for seasonal use for many years now. We have seen all sorts of real estate companies and their agents, some good, some bad. In that regard, I must say that with your company and particularly with you, we have never had a better experience purchasing land! You have been in all ways the most honest and knowledgeable, and patient, real estate agent that we have ever met and your company has been even more professional and honest than the biggest real estate companies with whom we have ever dealt. I must also tell you that I have taken much time observing what other companies offer and without reservation, you offer the best lands and the best prices of any land company in the easily affordable property range.

In an age when the price of a decent plot of land in a nice area costs more than the average person could ever hope to purchase, you have provided a way for everyone, particularly the young married couples who are just starting their families, to have a foothold in our beautiful country, without incurring an excessive debt which can last for decades. You and your company have been offering these people, which is most of us, the chance to own the best part of America and to feel the respect and security that comes with having one’s own home site, whether as a permanent home or for seasonal or recreational use.

But, in our experience, your expertise doesn’t stop there; You have also helped us, and can help others, suggest the best ways to build on the land and even at times advise who to contact for that purpose. In fact, you have been more like a member of our family than an agent; You’ve been that helpful to us!

Our trust in what you do, how you do it, and what you offer, is the highest possible. I would therefore, without hesitation, recommend you to anyone who wants to have the dignity and security of owning their own land for themselves and the future of their family.

Mark E.
Pinole, California