“A tangible way to invest in the future”

How LandCentral Helped the Bradbury's escape the city hustle.

sunriseWith intentions of camping and enjoying the peaceful and scenic Northern California location, Simon and Raya B. purchased their property from LandCentral in June 2012.

“Eventually we hope to spend some winters there with the location being ideal for snow recreation and summers being just as exciting,” said Simon.

Situated on gently rolling hills immersed in pines and wild brush, the Bradbury’s property is within close proximity to the Redwoods, as well as volcanic parks. The warm, sunny summers provide an infinite amount of outdoor activities, anywhere from hiking through the pine forests to swimming in the abundant lakes and reservoirs nearby. Unlike other snowy locations in the winter, their Northern California location allows them to be just as adventurous as they would be in the summer.

The Bradburys think that one of LandCentral’s highlights is the low monthly payments offered for new land owners who are wishing to finance their new property, saying that his aspect makes it more affordable for people to own land in a place that they love.

“It also creates a tangible way to invest in the future of America and create a fun escape for family and friends (no matter where they wish to purchase the property).”



Simon and Raya B. of Northern California