Imperfect Properties

Although these properties may take a bit more effort to uncover the value, the upside is there. 


Take a look at these value-add properties today, and with a little sweat equity, find a creative way to increase your property value and profits.


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Original Price $19,997 Foreclosed

Value Add Property near Cottonwood

  • Property # 10073
  • Size 0.30 Acres
  • County Tehama
  • State California
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This 0.30 acre property is located minutes from the Sacramento River outside Cottonwood, California. This property is in a smaller residential community at 19912 Cottonwood Drive towards the end of a cul-de-sac. Residents enjoy recreational activ...

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Original Price $10,297 Foreclosed

A Near Full Acre of Creek Front Land

  • Property # 11245
  • Size 0.95 Acres
  • County Leflore
  • State Mississippi
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Southern living at its finest. At a near full acre, this 41,382 sq. ft. parcel has a small creek north of the property. Located just 1 mile outside of Greenwood. There are several neighbors nearby, a paved road leading in. The property is located ...

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Original Price $10,497 Foreclosed

Remote Southern Arizona Home Locale

  • Property # 11351
  • Size 1.07 Acres
  • County Cochise
  • State Arizona
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Can you imagine yourself with just over 1-acre property near the southern Arizona border? What’s to stop you from making this dream a reality? This piece of property is 1.07-acres of flat level land that is just waiting for someone to begin using/...

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Original Price $8,497 Foreclosed

Investment Parcel Near Pahrump in Airport Association

  • Property # 12118
  • Size 0.45 Acres
  • County Nye
  • State Nevada
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Tucked inside the heart of Southern Nevada is the land you’ve been searching for. This large 19,602 sq. ft. parcel is a near half acre of pure desert land. Located just 8 miles outside of Pahrump, a town steeped in outdoor adventure. There are a f...

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Original Price $29,997 Foreclosed

Attractive 2 Acres of Tranquil Oregon Land

  • Property # 12287
  • Size 2.12 Acres
  • County Klamath
  • State Oregon
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Settle down on this peaceful desert land. This amazing 2.12 acre parcel is located in an beautiful area with few neighbors and plenty of space. A mostly flat, cleared lot just 5 miles from the Sprague River. A dirt road leads into the property, an...

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