Browse land for sale in South Dakota, otherwise known as the Mount Rushmore State. Great faces, great places!

Vast prairies, rugged rifts, rolling hills, and glacial lakes span across the state of South Dakota, creating a unique variety of land in a single state. From the dense pine forests of the Black Hills in western South Dakota, to the vast farmlands, LandCentral is a great place to find ideal South Dakota land for sale. Whether looking for a place to settle down or a place to start a new Adventure, South Dakota is a treasure trove of great land and history. With periodic listings of plots for sale in South Dakota, LandCentral is a great place to start looking for your very own piece of South Dakota treasure. Thinking of making South Dakota home? The fertile and diverse land for sale in South Dakota is used to harvest an abundance of crops such as corn, hay, rye, sunflowers and wheat. For a more urban environment, Sioux Falls is the largest and most populated city in South Dakota, where over a quarter of the state’s population resides. “Great faces. Great places,” is South Dakota’s slogan, which partially eludes to its largest, and perhaps most well-known, tourist attraction, Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Located on the rigid cliffs outsides of Keystone, are the faces of four cherished American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Another popular tourist attraction of an American historical figure and America’s rich history is the Crazy Horse Monument.

South Dakota is immersed in rich American and prehistoric history. Badlands National Park is internationally acclaimed as one of the most intriguing tourist and archeologist attractions. This 244,000 acre national park is made up of South Dakota’s original mixed-grass prairie, as well as eroding stone spires and canyons. Badlands National Park is as a natural preserve for South Dakota’s unique land formations and wildlife. Visitors are often enchanted by the site of bison, prairie dogs and bighorn sheep roaming the wild land. Once they leave, it’s not uncommon for visitors to search for land for sale in South Dakota’s most beautiful areas. The Badlands are also one of the world’s most extensive sites for fossil beds. To this day, prehistoric fossils are still being uncovered. In addition to the Badlands, another breathtaking site in South Dakota is the Black Hills National Forest. Ranges of mountainous cliffs are sprinkled with lush pine forests for nearly 101 miles of this scenic area. The forest consists of six national parks devoted to an array of activities such as hiking and camping, making it a perfect destination for family gatherings. Additionally, there are eight caves residing within the Black Hills that are open for the public to explore. Animals such as deer, elk and mountain lions are also common to see in the wildlife observatories. National parks aren’t the only attractions in South Dakota. Take a trip to the world’s only existing Corn Palace, located in Mitchell, South Dakota, or visit the homestead that inspired American author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, to write her Little House book series.