Property Questions

What are foreclosed properties?

Can I have the property surveyed?

Are mineral or water rights included with the property?

What if I am unable to physically go to the property before purchasing it?

Can I see the property before I purchase it?

How can I find out about the zoning for a property?

General Questions

How can you assure me that I am purchasing property from a real company?

When can I start using the property once I buy it?

Who can I contact with questions?

Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Can you hold a property while I’m deciding to purchase it?

How can I be notified about new properties?

How can I visit a property?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

What is Transfer Tax?

When does the property title transfer to me?

How can I sell my land through LandCentral?

Do you perform credit checks or credit reporting?

How do I qualify for your owner financing option?

What documents will I receive after I purchase a property?

How do I purchase a property from LandCentral?

Can I buy property from LandCentral if I’m not a United States citizen or located in the United States?