Claim your piece of beautiful Coconino County

As renowned as Coconino County’s most famous attraction is, perhaps even the Grand Canyon cannot do Arizona’s second largest county justice. Coconino County is home to gorgeous landscapes, breathtaking mountains, and eye-popping desert colors. At over 18,000 square miles it is the United States second largest county by area, and has more square miles than Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Rhode Island combined. Coconino County brims with over 12,000 years of history. Almost half of the state is dedicated to Native American reservations, and a large percentage of its inhabitants identify themselves as Native Americans from diverse tribes including the Navajo, Hopi, Yavapai, Walapai, Paiute and Havasupai. Geographically Coconino may have no rival in this world. It contains the world-famous Grand Canyon, picturesque Vermillion Cliffs, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Wupatki National Monument and parts of over five famed National Forests. Combining all these magnificent areas with a large section of the Colorado River and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area makes Coconino County a mecca for outdoor recreational activity.

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Flagstaff is the closest city, although Phoenix is less than two hours south on I-17. While the lumber, ranching, and railroad industries have been historical drivers of the northern Arizona economy, large educational, tourist, and government posts lead today’s economy. Northern Arizona University is located in Flagstaff, as are several large divisions of the US Geological Survey. Several large observatories such as US Naval Observatory are located in Flagstaff, and the city’s proximity to the Grand Canyon makes it a popular tourist destination. Arizona and Coconino County have experienced much growth over the past 25 years. In Coconino County the 2010 population was almost 50% higher than in 1990. Despite all this growth and the unique beauty in Coconino County there are still many opportunities to become a landowner in Coconino County. The huge volume of land makes it a great opportunity for someone looking to purchase land. Check out Coconino Land for Sale for more details.