Claim your piece of beautiful Lander County

Lander County is steeped in Nevada, frontier tradition. Located in the heart of the state, Lander is one of nine original Nevada counties and is known as the Mother of all counties; from its original size it was divided several times, birthing Eureka, White Plains, and Elko counties. Since before its inception in 1861 Lander has attracted those who want a home on the range. The county was names after a prominent wagon road builder. Its economy has been dominated by mining, although the county prides itself on its production of high quality alfalfa.

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Lander County is full of beautiful open landscapes. Mountains dot the open desert plains. The vacant land in this county is perfect for people who desire peace, quiet, and tranquility. On average across the county, the density is less than 1 person per square mile. Lander County Land for Sale is a beautiful opportunity for anyone looking for their own space.