From Trash to Treasure

We started out in Texas looking for property of more than a couple of acres. We just couldn't find anything in raw land over ten acres that would suit our needs until a friend of ours showed us 32 +/- acres in Kentucky and hooked us up with the Land Central Land Company.

When we arrived at the property, we realized that a portion of the land used to be a chemical landfill and dump over ten years ago. After a hiccup with our neighbor calling Code Enforcement, FEMA, the Health Department and the gas and electric companies to try and get us off the property, we stood our ground and were allowed to continue to develop our land. Soil tests were conducted and the soil tested negative for anything that could hurt us or visitors.

We contacted Land Central to let them know about the situation and they, too, did not know about the true history of the property. Land Central has been there for us, backed us up and worked with us throughout the whole situation. When my wife and I were struggling financially, LandCentral was flexible and helped us to keep our dream land.

We have built our tiny home out of the trees that is on the property and materials donated by neighbors and friends. We are allowing homeless veterans to come here and build their own tiny homes so they can not only have a home, but they can purchase their own property some place and have a home to put on it. We are blessed that the community has embraced what we are doing here.

The county officials have worked with us on everything that we have wanted to do. Because we live in the county and not the city limits, we do not need permits to build a home. Just a permit for septic. We have solar electricity and an approved composting toilet. We have worked with the Code Enforcement and Health Department closely to ensure that we are in compliance with any rules, laws or regulations. Communication is the key.

What man has used for trash and tried to destroy the land, God has turned into a treasure to help people learn that there is hope.

Thank you, Land Central, for helping us fulfill dreams for many people.

Nathaniel Kruszewski, Ashland, KY